Why Does Boosters Raise Money?

BASIS Mesa Boosters uses funds for BASIS Mesa school only. The Boosters organize and pay for: school dances, family activities, school carnivals, ATF (Annual Teacher's Fund) fundraisers, and other events and activities requested by BASIS school administration. 

While some of these activities require a small fee to participate, that only covers part of the cost.

Any money left over at the end of each school year goes directly to the ATF. No Booster volunteers, board members or members are paid for their time.

How To Help

Fry's Community Rewards
Fry's Community Rewards

Signup + Earn $ with Fry's Community Rewards Program

Did you know you can support BASIS Mesa just by shopping at Fry's? Each time you shop at Fry's and swipe your VIP card, you can help BASIS Mesa earn rewards.

Here's how to enroll:

  1. Create an online Fry's account by clicking here

  2. Under "Find Your Organization" enter our school number: HK814

If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information listed under ‘Community Rewards’ on your Account Summary page. You may also get an email asking you to confirm the account.


Shop on Amazon 

Did you know you can support BASIS Mesa just by shopping at Amazon? Each time you shop using, you can help BASIS Mesa earn rewards.

Here's how to enroll:​

  1. Click here to choose your charity. Select: BASIS Mesa Booster Club

  2. Shop using

You must use each time you purchase from Amazon for BASIS Mesa to earn rewards.

Shutterfly + TinyPrints

Shop at Shutterfy + TinyPrints

Shutterfly + TinyPrints gives back 13% of what you spend when you use the button below.


Why not get a head start on the holidays? Click our brand new storefront link to be redirected to Shutterfly or TinyPrints to design your own custom cards, calendars or gifts.

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Box Tops

Signup + Earn $ with eScrip

Eating locally and shopping online with eScrip earns money for BASIS Mesa with nothing extra coming out of your pocket.

Here's how to enroll:

  1. Go to eScrip here and click "Sign Up"

  2. Group ID: 500044438 / Group name = BASIS Mesa Boosters Club

  3. Follow instructions to register your credit, debit or other cards

Dining Rewards Program

After registering at and inputing credit/debit cards, donations will be automatically directed to our account when an individual dines at a participating restaurant. Nothing more needs to be done. A searchable online list of the restaurants can be found here.

Shop the eScrip Online Mall


BASIS Mesa Boosters Club is the social glue of the BASIS Mesa community. The Boosters are a not for profit organization of volunteers, who are dedicated to improving and enriching the BASIS Mesa experience for its students, families and teachers. The BASIS Mesa Boosters Club provides assistance to teachers and other staff members, organizes many school events, raises funds for supplemental education materials and experiences, as well as fostering school and family social interaction. All proceeds collected by any BASIS Mesa Boosters programs or fundraising, go directly to benefit the school and its students. 


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