What's For Lunch? 



Lunch orders must be placed and paid for in advance, by using the link below.

Our new lunch program consists of food freshly prepared each day and stored hot/cold and served by JRF Foods. Parent volunteers are still needed to assist in checking lists and may be asked to help the primary students navigate the new lunch line. 

Hot meal & Salad Bar: Grades 3-12 $6

Salad Bar Only: Grades 3-12 $5

Hot meal & Salad Bar: Grades K-2 $5

Salad Bar Only: Grades K-2 $5

Hot meal & Salad Bar: Staff $4


  • Hot lunch - a hot entrée (meat or vegetarian option), one hot side vegetable, 1-trip salad bar, and bottled water or 8oz. milk

  • Salad bar - variety of items including fresh fruit, Grab-and-Go items such as sandwich wraps, fresh granola and crackers, etc., and bottled water or 8oz. milk

JRF foods is a Nut-Free facility. They DO prepare and cook their food in a completely nut free facility and they DO NOT purchase any items which contain nuts, HOWEVER some items that they purchase to make the food could have been produced in a facility that processes nuts.  If you have any questions regarding this information, please reach out to JRF Foods directly by contacting Richard at (602) 400-4655

If you have already signed up, or want to know what's involved, click below to find our step-by-step guide to serving lunch.


First Time Ordering? Need to Know Info


  • Click here to set up a new account

  • The ordering window will be from the 1st to the 21st of every month for the following month. (Order January lunches in December, February lunches in January, etc.).

  • Make sure that you are signed up to receive emails from Boosters BASIS Mesa Newsletter.  Emails will be sent reminding you when the the ordering window is open, and when it will close.

  • NO refunds for any reason.

  • ALWAYS check the ParentSquare calendar before ordering.

  • We will NOT be capable of packing up lunches for pick-up if your child is absent and, again, there will be NO refunds.

Lunch Volunteers

Hot lunches are a service provided by Boosters, NOT the school.


If we don't have volunteers at lunchtime to distribute boxed lunches - the hot lunch program will disappear.

Lunch volunteers will receive free lunch with our new lunch vendor starting in January 2020.  Also, for every 10 volunteer spots you work you will receive $10 off lunch orders.


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